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Insight is the institutional research repository for the University of Cumbria. It will contain electronic copies of research output (journal articles, book chapters, conference papers, unpublished manuscripts and papers, etc) by our staff and researchers.

Insight is an internet based repository of digital scholarly publications which can provide immediate and free worldwide access benefiting both author and reader.

All academic staff, professional services staff and research students within the University can deposit at their own discretion and can log-in with their University network passwords.

Learning and teaching facilities for researchers

The Library offers a range of services designed to help researchers, and you can use our Subject Resources for research students.

VITAE: supporting research

Vitae is a national organisation, funded by Research Councils UK, to provide support for the career development of researchers.  It is a major source of guidance for many areas of research policy and practice, and for research managers and supervisors as well as researchers.

The Research Concordat

Introduced in 2008, the Research Concordat outlines a set of principles for universities to guide their management and development of research staff.  Information, including a series of very useful briefings about the Concordat, can be found on the Vitae website

Careers for researchers

Vitae also provides access to some excellent articles, guidance and a number of useful links relating to careers advice for researchers. For more information please visit the Vitae careers website.