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Contacts and FAQs

If you need help understanding or coping with student fees and finance, don't suffer in silence. There's always someone at the university who can lend you a helping hand.

Click on the links below for advice and details of the relevant contacts in the university.

When will I get my student loan or bursary?

The Student Loan Company will release the money into your account three to five days after receiving confirmation that you are attending university. That is, three to five days after registration. Be sure to budget enough money to last you until then.

Please refer to our delayed funding flowchart if you don't receive your funding after this period.

If you don't have enough money to cope until your loan comes through, please contact the LiSS student advisers for advice.

What fee should I put on my student loan application?

To find out the fee in your current year of study, please see the continuing students finance page. 

For more information, contact the accounts receivable team.

Email: accountsreceivableteam@cumbria.ac.uk
Phone: 01524 590 826

Where can I find my course on the Student Loan Company website?

To find your course on the Student Loan Company website, you will need its UCAS course code. You can find the code on the continuing students finance page.

What should I use my student loan or maintenance grant for?

The Student Loan Company's finance package may include:

  • A tuition fee loan which covers your course fees. This goes directly to the university.
  • A maintenance loan which helps cover living costs, such as food, accommodation and books. This money goes directly into your bank account and must be repaid once you start earning £21,000 after graduating.
  • A maintenance grant which also helps to cover living costs. Like the maintenance loan, it goes straight into your bank account, however you don't have to pay it back at the end of your course. 

For advice on the most effective use of your maintenance loan and grant, contact our money doctors.

How can I make my money last?

Our money doctors can help you develop your budgeting skills, ensuring that you can keep your spending in check and leave university with as little debt as possible.

Have a look at our budgeting top tips or make an appointment to see one of our money doctors.

I don't qualify for a loan, but can't afford to pay my fees upfront

If you're paying your own fees, you have the option of spreading the cost in instalments. Find out more about your options.

I can't pay my accommodation or tuition fees on time

If you're unable to pay your fees on time, please contact the accounts receivable team to make a payment arrangement.

Email: accountsreceivableteam@cumbria.ac.uk 
Phone: 01524 590 826

If you're struggling financially and need help managing your money, get in touch with our money doctors. They can offer you advice on budgeting your money and applying for additional funding. 

Which scholarships, bursaries or support funds do I qualify for?

A list of criteria is available on the scholarships and bursaries page.

If you need further advice, contact the LiSS student advisers. They can help you work out whether you are eligible for any additional funding support.

I'm out of money and can't afford food

If you're struggling to make ends meet, get in touch with our money doctors. They can offer you advice on applying for emergency support funds and managing your money.

I need to top up my Cumbria Card

See the Cumbria Card FAQs for details.  

I can't afford to pay for childcare

If you are doing a full-time course, you may be able to apply for the following government benefits:

  • Parents’ Learning Allowance - means-tested on household income. Maximum available £1,508.
  • Childcare Grant - means-tested on household income. A maximum of 85% of your weekly childcare costs may be paid on your behalf, up to £148.75 per week for one child and £255 per week for two or more children. For example, if childcare for one child is £150, you may receive a £127.50 grant (85% of £150).

For more information about the financial help available to you, contact our LiSS advisers.

I don't know what benefits I'm eligible for

Contact our student advisers for help figuring out what benefits or bursaries you're eligible for.