Postgraduate Law Evening

Fusehill Street Carlisle Carlisle - Fusehill Street

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Thinking about going into law?

Our Postgraduate Law Evening is the perfect opportunity to discover more about the different pathways into Law at postgraduate level, through the University of Cumbria.

Find out about the variety of specialised law programmes:

Get the lowdown on our courses and flexible study options.

This is a great opportunity to talk to our tutors and get the advice for you to start the next steps studying here with us.

Schedule of Events

5pm: Registration and networking with teaching staff

5:30pm: Studying a Masters in Law degree 

6:00pm: Studying short courses in law featuring persuasive speaking skills, courtroom skills, laws on the rural economy, visitor economy, construction and technology, and general business and employment law

Event Details

25th April 2017, The Learning Gateway, 5.00pm-7.00pm

Fusehill Street Carlisle Carlisle - Fusehill Street

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