A Project Academy for Sellafield

The range of training and education we have developed for the Academy is available to all individuals and companies. We are aiming to benefit the whole region by developing much needed skills across all areas of project management from entry level to executive level.

We have delivery happening across Cumbria and the North West working with our partners in FE in Workington and Barrow, the University of Manchester and our specialist partners. We are utilising all geographical bases to deliver courses which are open to all - whether you are looking to improve your own skills, career prospects or to change sectors or if you are a company looking to enhance your employees' skills and improve your project delivery and capacity.

Support for the Academy

“Establishing a Project Academy for Sellafield is a Strategic Imperative for us in order to successfully deliver our mission to decommission the site”

Paul Foster,
Chief Executive Officer,
Sellafield Ltd


“We are privileged to be part of developing the current and future generations of project professionals through this ground-breaking academy”

Scott Reeder,
Retrievals Director,
Sellafield Ltd


“I believe that this Academy is a benchmark in the UK for the development of project skills. We are proud to be the first in the NDA estate to establish the kind of high quality, long term education and training that the academy will provide”

Steve Livingstone,
Projects Director,
Sellafield Ltd


Use the information below to see how you can benefit from being part of the Project Academy. Click on the arrows to scroll through all the options we offer.

Higher Education Courses

Take part in one of our higher education courses and advance your qualifications even further! We have a range of courses in Project Management, whether you are employed within the nuclear sector, in other sectors or looking to enhance your skills and career prospects.

Our programmes have been developed with industry input to ensure that they are current and in demand across industry sectors. They are accredited by the Association of Project Management (APM) and on completion will give you the chance to demonstrate your knowledge of project management, the ability to apply these skills in a practical setting and your commitment to your own professional development.

Higher Education Courses
hands on laptop

Short Courses

We can offer a range of Short Courses and Continuing Professional Development to support your development

Short Courses
Entrance to CBIC

APM Qualifications

We are an accredited provider of APM Courses from the Association for Project Management (APM) and offer a range of courses

APM Qualifications
Gateway building Lancaster.


We are proud to be involved in a range of highly developed partnerships.