IT Facilities

Whether it’s writing essays or project research, you’ll make extensive use of electronic solutions. It only takes one username and password to access all the electronic resources you need.


No matter which course you are studying, or for how long, computers play a key role in everyone’s life and here at the university, and so the computing facilities provide a valuable resource for you. In particular, we offer:

Connecting your own device

We encourage you to bring your own device (or BYOD as it’s commonly called) to our campuses and halls. To assist this, we provide wireless coverage for more than 70% of the estate, and this coverage is continuing to grow year on year and includes the installation of higher capacity wireless to allow for the connectivity of more users in high demand areas.

The university is also part of the Eduroam network which provides connectivity for your personal device whilst at the university campuses, or if you are at any other participating institution worldwide.

Connecting with other people

No matter what computer, tablet or smartphone device you use, stay in contact with your peers and tutors by using an integrated set of communications and collaboration tools including email and Skype for Business. These are based on Microsoft’s Office365 suite of products and all are securely available over the Web using your university logon name which means you can use them from any computer or smartphone on campus, at home or anywhere. They include-

The Systems you need and your Student Hub

Whilst you are a member of the university, IT systems and electronic information will play a huge role in your everyday life. We have made it easier for you to access your most commonly used systems such as your email, your timetable or your library systems, by collecting them together into a single web page, known as the “Student Hub”. This means you only need to sign on once and you are automatically logged in to your other systems, including PebblePad and Blackboard.  

Multimedia Support

If you need a recording for your course, or you've missed that vital programme, we can help. The university has a subscription which allows us to access a number of programmes that have already aired. Multimedia recording or editing could be a part of any course - if you need help editing multimedia projects or presentations, IT Services can arrange support sessions.

Printing and Photocopying

There are combined printing and photocopying machines at all campuses. The devices provide high quality, high volume and rapid printing, photocopying and scanning facilities. You will be able to print from your own device and collect it from any building at a time that is convenient to you.

We also have an on-site Print Unit at the Lancaster campus to provide a full range of printing, copying and finishing work.

Educational Software Discounts

It’s always easier for you to continue your work if you have access to the same software at home. As a student, you will be entitled to discounts on some of that software and other services:

IT Support

Worried that your IT skills and knowledge might not be sufficient?  We have a dedicated IT Service Desk where you can talk to someone by phone, or you can use the Web to log your own calls from anywhere or at any time.  We have lots of Frequently Asked Questions that you can search, and there are online tutorials for extra help, watching as much of the tutorial as you need, at a speed and time that suits you.  Our IT technicians are here to help you; no question is ever a silly question!

Additional Support

From time to time, we might all need some help with accessibility to equipment, hardware or software.  The university provides a variety of assistive software and have collated over 100 free Accessibility Apps together for anyone to use, and also specialist hardware on each campus such as larger keyboards and mice, and adjustable height desks.